Success growing lobelia is a new experience for me. My previous attempts were cut short by the sizzling summer heat that arrives early in my region. The discovery of the heat tolerant variety Laguna? Sky Blue was a game changer. I plant them in early spring and they will continue to bloom into July. In my zone 7 garden the plants take a rest during the dog days of summer, but bounce back when the heat breaks in autumn. If you live in an area where summers are mild you can expect Laguna? Sky Blue to bloom from spring through the first autumn freeze.

The cascading form is ideal for containers, hanging baskets and the front of flower borders. It is suitable for full sun to partial shade and I have found that giving the plants shelter from intense afternoon heat will prolong the bloom.

Lobelia hybrid
annuals, ground cover, deer and wildlife resistant
Bloom Color
Bloom Time
spring through fall
Full Sun
moist, fertile, well drained
Plant Height
4 to 8 inches