Preserving the Past, Nurturing the Future

A Steward of Nature and Heritage

Welcome to Moss Mountain Farm, a haven of natural beauty, sustainability, and Southern charm. P. Allen Smith, renowned conservationist, author, and television host, has translated his lifelong love for the natural world into a thriving career that allows him to share his vast garden, home, and lifestyle knowledge with a global audience. At Moss Mountain Farm, Allen’s vision comes to life—a place that marries heritage with conservation, weaving together history, southern traditions, and sustainable practices.

Embrace Nature's Beauty on Your Special Day

At Moss Mountain Farm, your wedding becomes a part of the captivating story of our land. Our majestic “Big Sister Oak,” a symbol of strength and endurance, stands as a timeless witness to love’s journey. Just as your love story grows, so has this 300-year-old oak weathered the ages, embodying the essence of commitment.

Harmony with Nature's Rhythms

In May, we embrace “No Mow May,” allowing the land’s wild beauty to flourish, creating havens for local wildlife. This practice extends to our beloved “Daffodil Hill,” where vibrant blooms grace spring’s arrival. It’s important to me for all the daffodil varieties we’ve planted (I’m embarrassed to say now pushing north of 900,000 bulbs) foliage to die back naturally and in its own time. It’s simply the best way to ensure these beauties return again next year. While the narcissi foliage fades, the lawn and meadow grasses grow tall, harmoniously weaving nature’s tapestry on our farm. By practicing mindful stewardship, we invite you to be part of a legacy that nurtures the land and ensures the enduring allure of our cherished blooms, a symbol of nature’s resilience and renewal.


Your Connection to Moss Mountain Farm

For brides seeking a wedding venue that echoes with meaning and embraces the beauty of nature, Moss Mountain Farm offers a unique backdrop. Allen’s vision for the farm ensures that your special day will be framed by the rich tapestry of heritage, innovation, and timeless elegance. Whether it’s the sprawling landscapes, the heritage-rich architecture, or the vibrant gardens, every element reflects the values of a conservationist who has dedicated his life to celebrating the beauty of the natural world.

Come, be a part of Allen’s vision at Moss Mountain Farm. Experience the serenity, beauty, and purpose that define this extraordinary place—a testament to the enduring connection between nature and humanity.

Effective May 2023

Please note the following guidelines to ensure the preservation of the serene ambiance and cherished surroundings at Moss Mountain Farm:

  • Big Sister Oak Canopy
    Activities are not permitted under the canopy of the Big Sister Oak.
  • Front Oval Lawn
    Except for the driveway, activities are not allowed on the Front Oval Lawn.
  • Front Porch of the Main House
    Access to the front porch of the main house, which is a private residence, is restricted.

"We don’t own the planet, we borrow the planet and we pass it on to future generations." —P. Allen Smith

Farm Address:
23700 Ross Hollow Rd
Roland, AR 72135

Event Correspondence & Payments:
P.O. Box 164870
Little Rock, AR 72216


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