Frequently Asked Questions

What dates are available for a Saturday wedding?

We are happy to confirm date availability for you, please contacts us by clicking here.

Does Moss Mountain Farm allow non-farm wedding clients to have their Bridal or Engagement photography at the farm?

 Absolutely!  We have welcomed new friends for several years to enjoy our grounds and get that perfect garden shot!  To save your date and for more information, please click here.

How many weddings do you have a year?

Typically, we have fewer than 9.

What is the average guest count for a Moss Mountain Farm wedding?

50 to 200. 

How can I see MMF to decide if I want to book?

We are happy to walk the land with you and answer your questions. Contact us to ask preliminary questions about our packages and pricing.  We conduct private walk-throughs, by appointment after a short conversation to discuss your goals and welcome you to our unique wedding opportunity.  

Do you have more than one wedding on the same day?


How far in advance do I need to book?

We recommend booking at least 6-12 months in-advance to lock in a special or particular date.  

How long does it take to get to the farm from Little Rock?

We are 25 minutes from West Little Rock.  We are 40 minutes door-to-door from the Capital Hotel (downtown Little Rock).

Do you have a backup plan for bad weather?

Yes.  Each of our wedding plans includes a beautiful and solid ‘Plan B,’ in case mother nature blesses the day with precipitation. Importantly, our sheltered venues also extend the garden experience into a more controlled location, which allows us to extend your event after the sun sets.

Do you provide on-site accommodations?

Yes. We introduced several custom options for our special Brides and their close friends and family. Please see the Bella Baxter team for existing options and securing your accommodations.

Farm Address:
23700 Ross Hollow Rd
Roland, AR 72135

Event Correspondence & Payments:
P.O. Box 164870
Little Rock, AR 72216


Photography and Videography Attribution Statement.  We value the community of creatives who make our events possible and strive to highlight their contribution both before and after our events.  Many of the moving and still images on this site are products of that community and we wish to highlight their work.  Please join us in celebrating the following photographers whose work appears on this page:  Whitney Bower PhotographyStephanie Parsely, Erin Wilson Photography, Lela and Lyla Photography, and Courtney Utley Photography.

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