Tomato ‘Charger’

‘Charger’ offers mid–early maturity of extra–large, richly colored, deep red fruits with good flavor. A high–yielding slicer type, it produces deep oblate–shaped fruits with smooth shoulders. Plants are medium to tall and benefit from light to no pruning.

• Early maturity of extra–large fruits with good flavor
• Widely adaptable
• Very disease resistant!

• Determinate
• 72 days to maturity from transplant

Hot Tomato Soup

Tomato ‘Red Pride’

This short–stake determinate tomato is a consistent performer and is ideal for the Eastern U.S.. It produces good flavored, large, deep oblate fruit with a good blossom end and strong red color. ‘Red Pride’ has a relatively late maturity on strong, vigorous plants with good foliar disease resistance.

  • Strong plants with late maturity
  • Very disease resistant!

• Determinate
• 78 days to maturity from transplant

Ginger Pickled Tomatoes

Tomato ‘Bellini’

Bellini is an early maturing, uniquely large-fruited, light orange cocktail tomato with great flavor. Indeterminate plants product clusters of 8 – 12 smooth, deep oblate shaped, 1.5 ounce fruit with a rich, low acid flavor and good sweetness. Matures in about 65 days from transplant.

• Widely adapted and easy to grow
• Unique orange color and size, with great flavor

• 65 days to maturity from transplant

Tomato and Pepper Salsa