White Bearded Silkies Pair

Step into a world of feathery enchantment with the White Bearded Silkie—a true gem in the poultry universe. Resplendent in its silky, snow-like plumage and distinguished by its unique bearded appearance, this breed is the epitome of avian grace and charm.

  1. Luxurious Silky Feathers: Unlike regular chickens, the Silkie boasts soft, hair-like feathers that feel as smooth as silk to the touch, making it a tactile delight.
  2. Elegant Beard: The distinguishing ‘beard’ beneath the beak sets this variant apart, adding an extra layer of charm to its already endearing profile.
  3. Powder Puff Appearance: With its compact body and tufted head, the White Bearded Silkie often resembles a fluffy cloud or cotton ball, making it a favorite among poultry lovers.
  4. Blue Skin and Bones: Beneath its snowy exterior, the Silkie reveals a unique bluish tint to its skin and bones—a trait unseen in most other chicken breeds.
  5. Gentle and Docile: Known for its sweet temperament, the Silkie is an excellent companion, making it suitable for families, especially with children.
  6. Broody Nature: Often dubbed as one of the best mothers in the poultry realm, the Silkie hen shows strong brooding instincts and can often be trusted to hatch eggs of other chicken breeds.
  7. Adaptable: While they appreciate a protected environment, Silkies are quite resilient and adapt well to various living conditions.

Only available to purchase if you are a guest for Chicken Chat on April 1, 2023. Please bring your own crate to transport your poultry on the day of the event.


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