Let’s Party! It’s Allen’s Birthday! (3/12)

10:00 AM - 02:00 PM


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Not only is it the first tour of the year, but it’s also Allen’s BIRTHDAY!!! This is a tour you will not want to miss! We will have Allen’s Cousin Carmen’s Coconut Cake and Allen will be giving all of his guests plants for their gardens!

“It’s my birthday and I’m going to do what I want… and that’s talk incessantly about plants I love and share them!” -P. Allen Smith

Join us for some laughs and learning!

Visit Moss Mountain Farm to experience daffodil hill, Arkansas’ best-kept secret! With over 400,000 blooms this display will take your breath away. Enjoy lunch from one of Allen’s personally selected recipes, and a tour of Allen’s private home and gardens, giving you a glimpse of his daily life at Moss Mountain Farm. A variety of plants will be available for purchase in the gift shop.

*Mother nature can be quite unpredictable, so peak bloom is subject to change.

Tours include:

  • A guided tour of three levels of Allen’s Jefferson-inspired Arkansas Farm home.
  • A guided exploration of Allen’s terraced gardens overlooking the Arkansas River, the English rose garden, and his ornamental one-acre vegetable garden.
  • The tour today will savor the Seasonal Salad from Seasonal Recipes from the Garden. Dessert will be the famous buttermilk pecan pie with homemade whipped creme.
  • A guided tour of Poultryville where you may see your favorite animals from Allen’s television show — Trudy, Moose, Smudge & Squeak and Amos, just to name a few.

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