Pearl Bush

Inspiration can come from some of the most surprising places. Not far from my home is a cemetery established in the 1840s called Mount Holly. One of my favorite sights is an old pearl bush planted at the corner of the property near a black wrought iron fence. It is one of the first shrubs to flower in spring and it always catches my attention. Like so many of these old-fashioned early spring bloomers the flowers appear on bare stems first, but the leaves soon follow. The plant is appropriately named because as the flower buds swell they look like tiny opalescent pearls. Eventually these pearls give way to small white blossoms and by late April transform into interesting green seedpods. In my garden I planted an improved cultivar called ‘The Bride’ and it has shown good steady growth and vibrant green foliage with little disease or pest problems.

Pearl Bush
Exochorda racemosa
Bloom Time
Full Sun/Partial Shade
well drained loamy soil
Plant Height
10 to 15 feet