Chinese Ground Orchid

I like to watch friends faces when I tell them I have such a green thumb I can grow orchids in my garden. Of course, I then have to confess that it is not a tropical orchid such as you would see grown as a potted plant, but a terrestrial orchid native to China and Japan. Rather than growing in trees, Bletilla striata grows in the ground from rhizomes. Hence the common name Chinese ground orchid.

Grow Bletilla striata where it will receive filtered light and protection from the intense afternoon sun. Plant rhizomes about 6 inches apart and 4 inches deep. It prefers soil that is moist, but well drained. Bletilla striata can take temperatures down to 28 degrees F, but they do require a bit of insulation. A 2 – 3 inch of mulch in late autumn after the foliage dies back should do the trick.

You can find Bletilla striata rhizomes at your local garden center along with the other summer bulbs such as gladiolus and caladiums.

Chinese Ground Orchid
Bletilla striata
perennial, shade lover
Bloom Time
spring, early summer