Casa Blanca Oriental Lily

Words cannot fully describe the luxurious quality of the Oriental lily ‘Casa Blanca’. Each 10 inch bloom is pure white with a slight green tinge at the throat and has an especially rich fragrance. Casa Blanca lily bulbs should be planted fairly deep in the soil, about 3 times as deep as the height of the bulb. Be gentle with the bulbs when you plant because they are easily damaged.

If you have a small garden try planting ‘Casa Blanca’ as an accent in a mixed border, but if you have the space, they are a knock out planted en masse. While visiting the Biltmore Estates one summer I was delighted to see a huge drift of these beauties almost over taking an entire garden room! It was a breathtaking experience for all of my senses!

Oriental Lily
summer flowering bulb, evening garden, fragrant
Bloom Time
Sun/Partial Shade
well drained
Plant Height
3 to 5 feet