P. Allen Smith & GILBERT H. WILD


The garden provides rewarding nourishment and health; and in this time of challenge, the P. Allen Smith team wants to share the benefits of the garden with those who are just new to gardening or who have never previously gardened.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are partnering with health and wellbeing, gardening, and design influencers around the United States on an Instagram campaign called ‘Plant for Victory’ with the hashtag #PlantForVictory.  We believe this will help more Americans live healthier lives, exercise, and be closer to Mother Earth.  

Our goal is to help families in a similar manner as planting campaigns during WWII. The challenges Americans are facing today are, of course, different than during an actual war, but our people are in similarly dire conditions.  

Our aspiration is that this project will be positive and provide our collective following  hope and inspiration to get into the soil, plant, and take control of their environments.  We believe we can help promote health and well-being while also cultivating beauty by planting these colorful gardens.

Gilbert H. Wild & Son has graciously agreed to donate and send perennials to each influencer to grow in their garden.  Follow along with us as they share their planting journey!