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We are so excited to have you join us for the 10th Poultry Workshop with P. Allen Smith! In order to make this event successful, educational, and just plain chicken fun, we need your name, email, and workshop preferences. 

There will be four morning and five afternoon workshop options. You will attend one morning workshop and one afternoon workshop. After reading the workshop descriptions, you will be prompted to choose your favorite and second favorite options for each workshop. Workshop availability is based on a first – to – signup basis. If your first workshop option is full, you will be placed in your second favorite option.

On the day of the event when you check in at the registration desk, you will be given a name tag with your workshop schedule. Due to limited capacity, we cannot allow workshop switching.  If you do not submit this online form by September 9, you will be assigned to your workshops by the Event Coordinator. 

Again, thank you for joining us and we are honored that you have pecked us to spend the day with! 

Workshop Options

Housing the Flock: Jeff May

Learn the factors you need to consider when it comes to housing your birds, such as space for roosting, feed, and shade. Using real coops in demonstration, Jeff will teach you what design makes the best sense for the size and needs of the flock. MORNING OPTION AT CAPACITY



Processing the Humane Way: Doug Yoho (Morning Only) 

The local food movement has regenerated interest in raising and processing your own poultry for the home table. In his lecture, Doug covers the basics of home processing.




Homeopathic Remedies: Josh Deines

Learn about natural remedies and methods for maintaining the health of your flock. Josh will show you how to use herbs, essential oils, diatomaceous earth, and household products to take care of your chickens using time-honored practices.


Tour of the Gardens: Elaine Wootten (Afternoon Only)

Enjoy a guided exploration of Allen’s terraced gardens overlooking the Arkansas River, the English rose garden, and his ornamental one-acre vegetable garden. AT CAPACITY.

The Incredible Egg: Dr. Keith Bramwell

Discover how the egg is formed and dissect its contents with Dr. Bramwell. Learn everything there is to know about the fertilization process including how to distinguish fertility and overall egg quality for consumption. 



Prepping a Champion: Dawson Davison (Afternoon Only)

From the first bath to the last spray, get a step-by-step “how to” on everything you should do to get your birds ready to take home the trophy.




If you have bought tickets for and are bringing other attendees, please provide their names and email addresses below so they have the option of filling out their workshop preferences. If we do not receive their email address, their workshops will be automatically assigned by our Event Coordinator.

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Housing the FlockHomeopathic RemediesThe Incredible EggPrepping a Champion

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Housing the FlockHomeopathic RemediesThe Incredible EggPrepping a Champion

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Speaker Bios

Jeff May

Jeff May consults with poultry farmers about best management practices, including biosecurity, sanitation, animal health, vaccinations, air and water quality, feed management, and nutrition. He specializes in the brooding of hatchlings as well as breeding, incubation, and growing to market. He believes animal husbandry should focus on health to improve performance and be rooted in a cost-effective, sustainable farming system.

Josh Deines

Josh Deines is a Ph.D. student of Poultry Science focusing on hatchery and breeder management and reproductive physiology. Some of his research areas include: color preference in broilers, incubation and egg storage conditions, probiotic administration, and in ovo vaccination. After high school, he served as a State Officer for the Colorado FFA Association and traveled the state, nation, and even internationally to promote agricultural education. Josh has also raised cattle and is an avid outdoorsman and martial artist.

Keith Bramwell

Dr. Bramwell grew up on the West Coast and spent much of his younger years raising birds of all varieties. He holds his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Avian Reproductive Physiology and researches hatchery and breeder management. While maintaining more than 15 heritage breeds, Keith actively works with young poultry enthusiasts regarding the many career opportunities in the poultry industry.

Doug Yoho

Doug Yoho was born and raised in western New York. Doug is currently a Program Associate at a university and a hatchery manager. His research and work is in the area of hatchery and breeder management as well as assisting with poultry processing at the university research facility.

Dr. Ed Bonnette

Dr. Ed’s research for his masters and doctorate degrees involved nutrition and health in pigs, but after school, he started to work less with traditional farm animals and more with pet and specialty animals. And those smaller customers are Ed’s focus in his work as a companion animal nutritionist for Hubbard Feeds. Ed makes it his goal each day to develop or employ tools and products to share which will make a customer’s life easier, better or to help them make more money with their animals.

Dr. Randy Raub

Dawson Davidson has been a devoted 4-H member and leader since childhood. His passion for heritage poultry and his skills as an exhibitor have made him a three-time APA National Title holder. Dawson enjoys sharing his knowledge of raising, preserving, and exhibiting heritage poultry breeds.