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Interesting Plants for Containers

When is the last time someone advised you to think outside the box?� Well, today I’m challenging you to think outside the flowerbed. You know your favorite plants for growing in a flowerbed? I want you to picture them planted in containers. Perennials, ground covers, ornamental grasses and even small shrubs are super stylish in containers.

‘Lemonjade’ Sedum paired with ‘Cheyenne Sky’ red switch grass. In the fall ‘Lemonjade’ will produce bright citron-yellow blooms. Not your typical pink-flowering variety! Or try the spicy copper red Dolce® Cinnamon Curls™ coral bells paired with Sundaze® Blaze strawflowers in an earthy straw pot for something different this fall.

Lemonjade sedum and Cheyenne Sky red switch grass
Cinnamon Curls coral bells paired with Sundaze Blaze strawflowers

So what about getting really radical and using a shrub in a container? The beautiful Sunny Anniversary™ Abelia has gorgeous foliage and blooms. Sunny Anniversary™ produces fragrant flowers from mid-summer through early fall.

Sunny Anniversary Abelia

And speaking of flower power, check out Lo & Behold® ‘Lilac Chip’ Buddleia (butterfly bush). Butterfly bush is a friend to the gardener and insects. True to its name the butterflies love it. Lo & Behold® ‘Lilac Chip’ has a beautiful mounding habit that is perfect for containers. Plus it’s seedless so you don’t have to worry about it becoming a garden thug.

Lo and Behold Lavender Chip Buddleia

So let’s say you want a shrub that has gorgeous foliage. Try Tiny Wine® Physocarpus opulifolious (ninebark). It has beautiful leaves that are a rich bronze-maroon color. Its small stature (3 to 4 feet tall) and full form make it a sure thing for containers.

Tiny Wine Physocarpus opulifolious

So take the challenge. Think outside the flowerbed and move some of those regulars that you find in a garden bed into containers. Get your hands in the soil and have some fun!