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3 Container Recipes to Celebrate Autumn

Trio of Fall Container GardensNow is the time to gussy up those container gardens for fall. Whether you start from scratch or freshen up an existing combination, planting now will give them time to mature and fill in just in time for the seasonal shift.

For this container garden I took my inspiration from the color of the mustard glaze used on this trio of pots. It’s a perfect color for fall.

I chose flowers and foliage that would accentuate the yellow in the glaze – chartreuse sedum, buttery leucanthemum and canary yellow chrysocephalum. This palette will look brilliant with other autumn hues like purple, red, orange, and blue.

The great thing about the plants in these containers is that they can take the late summer heat, but will continue to shine as the days get shorter and the temperatures cooler.

Planting Guide
1. Dolce® Mocha Mint® Heuchera
2. Flambe™ Orange Chrysocephalum
3. ‘Helena’s Blush’ Euphorbia
4. Diamond Frost® Euphorbia
5. ‘Catlin’s Giant’ Ajuga
6. ‘Angelina Sedum’ (Sedum rupestre)
7. Broadway Lights™ Leucanthemum

Plant List

Flambe™ Orange Chrysocephalum
Broadway Lights™ Leucanthemum
Diamond Frost® Euphorbia
‘Helena’s Blush’ Euphorbia
‘Angelina’ Sedum (Sedum rupestre)
‘Catlin’s Giant’ Ajuga

Dolce® Mocha Mint® Heuchera

‘Angelina’ Sedum (Sedum rupestre) 

If a brighter color palette is more your style, these varieties are proven performers in the fall garden. You can learn more about these plants at Provenwinners.com.

Butterfly Argyranthemum
Tequila Sunrise Calibrachoa
Superbells® Tequila Sunrise
Flame Bracteantha
Sundaze® Flame
Key Lime Pie
Dolce® Key Lime Pie
Cranberry Nemesia
Sunsatia® Cranberry
Orange Symphony
Orange Symphony