P. Allen Smith's Garden Home Series of Books

P. Allen Smith's Seasonal Recipes from the Garden

Well-known personality and respected garden authority P. Allen Smith believes that good food and good eating are natural extensions of the garden — and that fresh fruits and vegetables are best when in season. In P. Allen Smith's Seasonal Recipes from the Garden, his cookbook debut, Allen showcases the bounty of each season with recipes arranged by when ingredients are at their garden-fresh best. He features 120 Southern recipes peppered with wit, personal anecdotes, gardening tips and cooking tricks. He also includes a short how-to guide in the back of the book that includes information about the food he grows in his garden and some simple ideas on how readers can do the same. This collection includes Allen's favorite recipes, most from his own kitchen and some adapted from family and friends. All are inspired by his own garden.

Published by Clarkson Potter
Released December 28, 2010

P. Allen Smith's Bringing the Garden Indoors

Designer P. Allen Smith is best known for the beauty he creates outdoors. From his popular nationally broadcast television shows to his frequent appearances on the Today Show and his informative web site (PAllenSmith.com), people rely on him for fresh ideas to design, update, or totally reinvent their outdoor garden spaces. Now, for the first time, Allen has turned his attention inside for inspiring ways to enliven your home with the bounty of the garden. Whether it's styling your entry for the changing seasons, growing a citrus tree in your kitchen, arranging flowers to complement a favorite piece of art, or showcasing spring flowering bulbs in fantastic flea market finds, Allen shares over 60 fail-safe projects that will add beauty to every room in your house. With inviting color photography and clear, concise instructions, he'll teach you how to combine everyday items with nature's accents to create extraordinary displays for any decor.

Our homes and gardens are such personal expressions of ourselves. If you are like me, throughout your life you have surrounded yourself with objects that have meaning to you. My vision of creating a garden home is about bringing all these objects to life in new and stylish ways by merging them with the gardens just outside the doors of our homes."- P. Allen Smith

P. Allen Smith's Bringing the Garden Indoors: Containers, Crafts, and Bouquets for Every Room

P. Allen Smith's Living in the Garden Home

P. Allen Smith's newest addition to his best selling Garden Home series reveals the secret that all gardeners share, that the joy of gardening isn't bounded by the seasons and a garden should be a natural extension of our homes. Through stylish projects, seasonal celebrations and clever decorating ideas, Allen inspires us to see our gardens as places of ever-changing beauty to be woven into the fabric of our lives. With step-by-step instructions and illustrations accompanying each of the 50 projects, you'll be able to add beautiful touches of comfort and style to your garden home any time of the year. Follow Allen's guide to:

  • Adorn a wall, door, or gate with a living wreath of aromatic herbs.
  • Plant an out-of-the-way cutting garden for indoor arrangements.
  • Invite friends to gather and sample heritage varieties of apples.
  • Make holiday centerpieces with berried twigs, evergreen stems, pine cones, and other materials from the winter garden.
  • Build a stow-away potting bench-you'll wonder how you ever gardened without it
  • Plant a patch of salad greens and discover how many varieties there are to choose from.
  • Create a special Mother's Day container garden.
  • Host a container planting party for children and grow a future gardener
  • Create a beautiful vegetable and flower window box and enjoy the fruits of your labor from indoors and out

For Allen, gardening is all about the anticipation of a each season, the wonderful satisfaction that comes with digging and planting, building structures, selecting plants and deciding how to arrange them and then enjoying the delightful and inevitable surprises as the seasons unfold and nature transforms our own vision into something gloriously its own. But, of course, as nature works its magic, there is a multitude of ways that we can guide, shape, and accentuate our gardens and that's what P. Allen Smith's Living in the Garden Home is all about. Join in the fun of learning new ways to indulge your gardening passion.

P. Allen Smith's Colors for the Garden

In this landmark guide to transforming your garden settings into living works of art, bestselling author and celebrity garden home designer P. Allen Smith draws on his talents as both master gardener and artist to offer simple ways to create garden settings that burst with color. In Colors for the Garden, Allen reveals the basic techniques he uses to fashion the kind of jaw-dropping creations that have made him one of the country's most sought after garden designers.

Exploring the concept of creating art with flowers and foliage, Allen makes it easy to appoint your "garden canvas" with a perfect palette of plants in every shade and hue in order to achieve a variety of magnificent effects. Here, he simplifies the process of selecting and creating compelling blends of colors to complement home and personal style, be it bright and energizing, or more subdued and soothing.

In the first section of the book, Allen offers five color confidence-building ways to select a garden palette that reflects your taste and style. He begins by walking you through the process of connecting colors both inside and out, so that the interior and exterior of your home and the permanent features in your garden become the canvas upon which you begin to apply your color choices. Allen's approach creates a color bond between your home and garden that blends them into a cohesive unit while enhancing the beauty of both.

In Section Two, Allen offers easy yet evocative lessons on how to "paint" your choice of colors into your garden landscape, from the first act of creating a garden canvas to painting bold "brush strokes" of color and texture into your garden setting. Finally, marrying the practical to the creative, Allen provides a complete, user-friendly plant directory; a color-coded resource guide that helps gardeners choose the right plants based on their color theme, growing zone, and light requirements.

Both inspirational and imminently practical, P. Allen Smith's Colors for the Garden is an indispensable reference for gardeners of all skill levels and a welcome addition to the bestselling P. Allen Smith Garden Home series.

P. Allen Smith's Container Gardens

Just as stylish accessories bring a room to life, gorgeous planted containers are the finishing touch for every garden home. With his new book P. Allen Smith's Container Gardens, Allen shows how to create a beautiful container garden in a matter of minutes, in an innovative recipe-style format complete with ingredients lists, step-by-step planting instructions, and advice on how to effectively display these colorful accents.

Beautiful and versatile, these container designs are the perfect solution for decks, porches, balconies, and gardens that need a focal point or a splash of color. Each container recipe fulfills one of the 12 Principles of Design that Allen established in his first bestselling book, P. Allen Smith's Container Gardens. As a result, the container will wonderfully frame the view from a window, offer a welcoming reception in an entryway, help to establish a sense of rhythm along a walkway, or extend your home's color and décor into the garden. Allen shares the secrets he uses to make his eye-catching arrangements, as well as special planting and display tips for placement in your garden. The designs range from sophisticated to casual, yet the instructions are so easy to follow that you can assemble these containers in no time at all-even with little or no gardening experience. There are recipes for every season of the year, to ensure that you can enjoy lush container gardens year-round.

A special resource section includes a complete plant directory, tips on how to select the right container to complement your garden's style, grooming and plant-care guidelines, and basic instructions for planting pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets. Lavishly illustrated with more than 150 photographs, this book is sure to inspire seasoned gardeners as well as beginners interested in enhancing the beauty of their Garden Home with P. Allen Smith's signature container designs.

P. Allen Smith's Garden Home

In his groundbreaking first book, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home: Creating a Garden for Everyday Living (Clarkson Potter/Publishers, February 2003) Allen shows how to make "rooms" for relaxing, bird-watching, cooking, entertaining, and simply enjoying the pleasures of nature. Unlike most garden books, which begin with soil, pests, and planting instructions, Allen begins with the walls (fences and hedges), ceiling (arbors and views of the sky), and floor (paths and beds) of the garden. In other words, a place to live . . . which is really why you want a garden in the first place.

Divided into three sections, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home begins with Allen's own story; growing up in a family who not only viewed gardens as special places, but also owned nurseries (he's a fourth-generation nurseryman), and continuing on with his garden education in England, and his ultimate discovery that we all, as he puts it, "have a longing for our agrarian past." This first section also shows us Allen's own garden home and explains why he chose certain elements like a covered breezeway over the dining table or why a visual transition of matching boxwoods is important between two larger garden rooms.

Next, Allen takes us through the twelve principles of design: Enclosure; Shape & Form; Framing the View; Entry; Focal Point; Structures; Color; Texture, Pattern, and Rhythm; Abundance; Whimsy; Mystery; and Time. With these simple elements, Allen leads would-be gardeners through the steps for creating the garden home they will want to live in every day. He helps readers envision and design their yards (front and back!) as an extension of the style and pleasures they find inside. Sprinkled throughout are essential ideas that make the concepts easy to understand. Also incorporated are easy-to-follow projects for each principle, such as building a trellis privacy screen, creating a window box, assembling a rustic tepee or a pleached arch, or even inventing your own color of daylilies. All are accompanied by how-to illustrations and add to the uniqueness of this book.

The last section in P. Allen Smith's Garden Home gives the reader a workbook of sorts and allows them to create their own garden home by pulling all the information throughout the book into a concise plan of action. It includes everything from how to reduce wind in a garden, and physically make a garden room warmer, to tips on what to do with different soil conditions, the best shrubs to use for privacy, and the ideal materials to build a perfect garden path.

Filled with gorgeous, color-bursting photography throughout, this is a garden book that goes way beyond the planting and pruning commonly associated with this pastime. In short, P. Allen Smith's Garden Home brings the garden up close and informs and teaches the reader how to unify the home and garden, reminding us why we wanted a garden in the first place.