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mustard greens dip

Mustard Greens Dip

mustard greens dipLet me tell you–I’m crazy about all things green. That includes leafy greens. And this mustard greens dip is no exception. It’s delicious, and much healthier than most of those store-bought spinach dips.

cucumber mint jalapeno martini jalafuego

Cucumber Mint Jalapeno Martini

If you like a little extra kick, you have to try a ‘Jalafuego’ pepper. This extra-large jalapeño boasts super high pungency and cucumber mint jalapeno martini jalafuegocomes from a strong plant with excellent yield.

I like to use the ‘Jalafuego,’ in very small quantities, to spice up a cocktail, like this Cucumber Mint Jalapeño Martini.

Blackberry Jam Cake

This cake is included in my book, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden. It’s a modified version of my grandmother Margie Hanes Smith’s recipe. I believe this recipe came to her from her mother, my great-grandmother Hanes, who used blackberry jam as a way to sweeten the cake. Back then sugar was scarce, so jam and sorghum molasses were often used as sweeteners.

This cake can be served with or without Ma Smith’s caramel sauce.