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Spring Color Lunch and Tour with James Hayes!(06/09)

10:00 AM - 02:00 PM


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Tours include:  A wonderful display of the art of James Hayes!   The glass art that Mr. Hayes creates are a sight to behold.  Mr. Hayes will be attending the June 9th lunch to share his visions with us!

  • A guided tour of three levels of Allen’s Jefferson-inspired Arkansas Farm home.
  • A guided exploration of Allen’s terraced gardens overlooking the Arkansas River, the English rose garden, and his ornamental one-acre vegetable garden.
  • Time to savor a “from the farm” delicious meal using Allen’s recipes from his cookbook, Seasonal Recipes from the Garden.
  • A guided tour of Poultryville where you may see your favorite animals from Allen’s television show — Trudy, Moose, Smudge & Squeak and Amos, just to name a few.

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