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Raising Chickens - Caring for Chicks as They Grow

ChickenI used to love to sit for what seemed like hours on end and watch the antics of the little chicks.  I made sure they had plenty of room to move around in their brooding area to stretch their legs and move away from the heating lamp if they got too hot.  As they matured I had to cover their box to keep them from hopping out and keep the family cat and dog from getting too nosy.  When they are about a month old I put a roost a little bit off the floor so they could perch on it while they slept and a couple of weeks later, switch them to a grower food (14 – 15 % protein, completely balanced) to help them grow.  As they put on their feathers, I looked forward to taking them outside on warm days for a little bit of fresh air and exercise.  They would scratch in the dirt, foraging for things to eat and dust just like the adults.  They are so curious that I had to keep my eye on them constantly to make sure they didn't get into any trouble.  

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