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Poultry Passion

I have a secret passion that only those who have shared the experience can really understand.  Chickens!  As a young child I became fascinated with raising various breeds of these beautiful birds. Because most people have only seen the plain white poultry that commercial breeders produce for meat or egg-laying, you may be surprised to know that chickens come in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, textures, and colors. If you ever have the chance, stop by the poultry barn at a county or state fair and you’ll think you have stepped into an exotic aviary or zoo. And each breed has its own personality and flair.

As an adult, I’ve enjoyed having a few chickens at my urban home. Once I began building the Garden Home Retreat, I knew I would be expanding my flock. Take a look at my recent additions and the mobile chicken house I designed to house them.

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