Pomegranate Mint Sparkling Water

Pomegranate Mint Sparkling Water

Which fruit can predict fertility? It's a pomegranate. At least according to the ancient Greeks. They believed that when you threw a pomegranate on the floor, the number of seeds that burst out matched the number of children you would have. Probably not the kind of thing you'd want to rely on for family planning, but it the fruits sure are tasty and good for you.

Just a few of the health benefits of pomegranate include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, fighting or preventing several types of cancer, and reducing gum disease.

To double up on the nutrition I mix pomegranate juice with Mountain Valley Sparkling Water. The water comes from a natural spring source in Hot Springs, Arkansas and is high in pH, calcium and mineral content.


To make the mint simple syrup combine the water, mint and sugar in a sauce pan. Heat until the sugar is dissolved, but don't bring to a boil. Filter syrup through a fine sieve. Discard the mint leaves.

Mix 1 cup pomegranate juice,1/4 cup sparkling water and 1 ounce simple syrup in a glass. Add a few pomegranate seeds, ice cubes and a sprig of mint to garnish.


Time to prepare: 5 minutes.

Serves 1 drink.


  • GlendaHKilby says:

    How exciting to see my favorite fruit and Mountain Valley Spring Water - Sparkling water together! Grew up in Hot Springs with Mountain Valley all around me. It was wonderful water!!!

    November 14, 2011 07:27pm

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