Orange Marmalade Cake

Orange Marmalade Cake

This is a great cake for any time of the year. It’s really light and fresh; delicious with a cup of hot tea and a dollop of whipped cream.


Mix the Cointreau and marmalade. Warm in the microwave or on the stove.

Mix just a bit of honey with the Mascarpone cheese to soften.

Spread a generous amount of marmalade evenly across the bottom layer of cake. Add a layer of Mascarpone cheese. Top with almond slivers and then slices of peeled clementine.

Add the second layer of yellow cake and repeat the marmalade, cheese, almonds and clementines.

Top with the third yellow cake. Cover the cake with marmalade, sprinkle with almonds and decorate with remaining clementine slices.

Brush the sides of the cake with marmalade so they won’t dry out.


Time to prepare: 30 minutes.

Serves 8.


  • shdymom says:

    I just watched you can the clementines, and make this cake. I must make this

    July 9, 2013 02:13pm

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