Grape Tomatoes With Parsley And Chive Dip

Grape Tomatoes With Parsley And Chive Dip

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When it comes to hosting a get-together, I think finger foods are a great idea. Their bite-sized portions allow people to mingle or hold a drink without worrying about a plate or utensil, and they're easy to both prepare and clean up after.

I love crudités, traditional French appetizers made from dipping raw vegetables in a sauce or a dip. They're colorful, they're fresh, they're incredibly easy to prepare, and at the end of the day this particular recipe is a crowd pleaser. Plus you can grow most of the ingredients – chives, tomatoes, parsley, and bell peppers - in your summer vegetable garden.

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Wash the cherry tomatoes and place them to the side. Chop off the top of the bell peppers and scoop out the ribbing and seeds.

With an electric mixer, blend the sour cream and cream cheese together. Once blended, add the remaining ingredients and blend well. Scoop this mixture into the hollowed bell pepper and garnish with parsley. Place on a platter, scatter the cherry tomatoes around the dip on the platter, and serve.


Time to prepare: 10 minutes.

Serves 1-2.


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