Fresh Fruit Ice Cream




Start by juicing the oranges and lemons. Then add the sliced banana to a blender and puree. Next add the juices making sure no seeds get into the mixture.

With the flavor of the fruits combined you are ready to add the two other ingredients, 1 cup of sugar, and about 1/2 can of condensed sweetened milk. That's about a cup.

Pour all of this into the blender with the fruit and run the blender to get it well mixed.

Now just pour into an ice cream maker and add enough milk to bring the liquid up to the fill line marked on the edge of the container. Follow the instructions for your ice cream maker and it will be ready in no time.

The recipe makes 1/2 gallon, but if you have a gallon ice cream freezer, it can easily be doubled.


Time to prepare: 45 minutes.

Serves 1/2 gallon.


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