Broccoli Salad

Broccoli is one of my favorite cool season vegetables. I always plant plenty in the late fall and early spring.

Here is a recipe for a great broccoli salad and buttermilk dressing that I received from Regina Charboneau in Natchez. You can find more of her great recipes in her cookbook Regina's Kitchen.



To make the dressing combine the dressing ingredients in a small metal or glass bowl and blend with a wire whisk until smooth. Set aside while you make the salad.

Blanch the broccoli florets in boiling water for 2 minutes. Immediately strain in a colander and run under cold water to cool. Set aside.

Cut bacon into 1 inch pieces then cook over medium heat until very crisp. Place on a paper towel to drain excess fat.

Cut the onion in half then slice into thin pieces. Cut the red bell pepper into thin strips.

Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl. Add dressing and toss.

Garnish with cherry tomatoes.

Serves 8.


Time to prepare: 25 minutes.

Serves 8.


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