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5 Herbs to Grow for a Cocktail Garden

Cocktails aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the days of syrupy drinks made with commercial mixers and juices. Craft cocktails are all the rage with bartenders concocting creative recipes from seasonal produce and homemade liqueurs, bitters, and syrups. Look no further than the garden to create your own signature cocktail. Read more

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5 Tips for Successfully Growing Plants in Containers

When you visit Moss Mountain Farm, you’ll see that I have container plantings everywhere—on the porch, around the fountain and even in the vegetable and flower gardens. They’re so versatile. Whether you have limited space or you’re trying to do something a little more creative around your garden, containers are the solution. Container gardens can provide pops of color and allow you to add more variety to your garden in spite of space limitations.

Before running off to the garden center, you need to consider five things for successful container gardening: Read more

9 Plants to Grow in Shade

The next time you’re at the local garden center, step over to the dark side… and by dark side, I mean the area where they keep the shade loving plants.

Shade plants have it all figured out. They’re loving life out of the rays of the scorching sun. Who can blame them? When it’s hotter than a Billy goat in a pepper patch, I like to spend my time in shady spots too. Read more