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Meet Allen in Dallas on Apr. 8

If you’re in the Dallas area on April 8, come see me at Calloway’s Nursery. I will be doing a container garden demonstration, breaking down the secrets to creating successful and sustainable container gardens using plants from my Proven Winners® Platinum Collection.

The Platinum Collection features a variety of annuals, perennials and shrubs designed to attract pollinators and support a sustainable lifestyle. Each of the plants have been grown and tested in my garden.
The PAS Platinum Collection plants carried by Calloway’s include:
  • Diamond Delight, a white Euphorbia that is extremely heat, humidity and drought tolerant and provides a big color impact.
  • Snow Princess, a highly fragrant Lobularia that thrives in hot or cold weather and blooms small white flowers.
  • Supertunia Limoncello, a vibrant Petunia that blooms medium to large-sized flowers and is well-suited for landscapes and container gardens.
  • Supertunia Vista Bubblegum, a brightly colored Petunia named Proven Winners’ Annual of the Year for its easy manageability, versatility and outstanding landscape performance.
  • Colorblaze Lime Time, a sun-tolerant Coleus foliage great for landscapes and containers.

After the demonstration, we’ll have time for a Q&A session and I’ll be signing copies of my books. Seasonal Recipes from the Garden will be available for sale at the event.

WHEN: Saturday, April 8 from 1-3 p.m.
  • 1-2 PM: Demonstration and question & answer session
  • 2-3 PM: Book signing
WHERE: Calloway’s North Plano at 2460 State Highway 121, Plano, TX
COST: Free
For more information, visit calloways.com.
herbs pots windowsill

Spice Up Your Winter Windowsill with Herbs

Though most herbs prefer to bask in the summer sun, many will grow well on a windowsill in the winter, too. But choose your indoor herbs wisely, some will perform better than others, and don’t want to waste time and money on herbs that won’t produce. They may grow taller than outdoor plants and may not be as full and bushy, but you can still collect enough herbs to get you through. It’s best to start with established plants, rather than trying to grow from seed. You can also dig up herbs in the garden before winter hits, pot them and let them overwinter inside. Here’s a few more quick tips to start your indoor herb garden. Read more

chicken bone broth soup

Upgrade Your Broth

Jennifer Burcke from 1840 Farm shares with us how to make delicious, nutritious bone broth. 

Until a few years ago, I had never made homemade bone broth. I had created my own stock and quick broth with good success, but I didn’t realize that I could make something with more flavor and nutrition without creating any extra work for myself in the kitchen.

Since then, I find myself unable to pass up the opportunity to turn the leftovers from a roast chicken into a batch of bone broth.   I love transforming something that used to be discarded into a bone broth full of healthy calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, collagen, and a host of other nutritious minerals. Read more

orange oil

Well, Orange You Sweet

Some of the more common plants in our lives can also be the most potent when turned into an essential oil. Lavender, rosemary and peppermint immediately come to mind, but one of the most overlooked, in my opinion, might be the lowly orange. Yes, you may turn to this fruit when you need a natural dose of vitamin C, but the essential oil – derived from the peel – has many useful benefits around the home. Read more